Movie Theme Workout: \”Zombieland\”

If you\’ve never watched \”Zombieland\” you are MISSING OUT!  If you knew anything about me you\’d understand my appreciation for a humorous creature feature.  Blood, gore, action, humor, romance, epic one-liners, and a RULE BOOK ON HOW TO SURVIVE…  I gotta be honest, I was close to picking \”Shaun of the Dead\” but the \”Survival Rules\” won me over.

Now…I\’m not here to type a movie review.  I\’m writing this blog to give you a quick overview of what to expect when you do the Movie Theme Workout:  \”Zombieland\”.

The entire workout is made up of \”Rules for Surviving Zombieland\”.

Rule #1: Cardio

Gotta have good cardio to survive!  Run from cone to cone spaced about 15 yards apart and perform 10 jumping jacks at each cone.  Continue for 5 minutes as a base warm-up.

Rule #18: Limber up

You don\’t want to pull anything.  Perform 5 minutes of a dynamic warm-up before engaging in any strenuous activity.

Rule #8: Get a KICKASS partner

Pretty self-explanatory…  Pick a partner and make sure they are KICKASS!

Rule #4: Seatbelts\"IMG_2750\"

Wear\’em!  Switch-off wearing a tow strap and running 20yds \”resist and release\” drills with your KICKASS partner for 10 minutes.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

Rest…briefly.  It\’s a WORKOUT not a HANGOUT.  Take a knee, grab a sip of water, and lets get back to it!

Rule #3: Beware of bathrooms

\"IMG_2778\"The park bathrooms are next to the benches, tables, slides, and swing sets.  Perform the following within 5 minutes:

10 Touchdown Squat Jumps

10 Feet-Up Push-Ups

10 Burpees

10 Dips

10 Seated Knee Tucks

2 Rounds

Rule #32:  Enjoy the little things (again, a quick breather)

Rule #20: It\’s a marathon, not a sprint…unless it\’s a sprint, then sprint!

Be ready to sprint at ALL times. Practice your \”get-up and go\” for 50yds on :30 for 12 reps.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things…

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK!!  To survive your enemy you need to know your enemy…

\"IMG_2783\"10yds Zombie Komodo Crawl

10yds Side Sit (left)

10yds Side Sit (right)

10yds Zombie Crawl

10yds Seated Reverse Slide

Rule #2: Double tap

Haha!  Do the
\”Zombie Kill of the Week\” AGAIN and make sure you\’re DEAD, dead.

Rule #32: … … (sheesh)

Rule #5: No attachment

No getting too close to your partner.  Time to break up and be on your own.  Every man (or woman) for themself.

Rule #22: When in doubt, know your way out

\"IMG_2812\"Plan your escape route before entering the dangerous zombie infected area… Play \”Zombie Tag\” with all the other survivors until you have nothing left.

Rule #17:  Don\’t Be a hero

Congratulations!  You have survived Zombieland, saved the day, and got the girl (or guy).

If you haven\’t seen the move yet…WATCH IT!  \”But i don\’t like scary movies…\”  It\’s not a scary movie.  Watch it. appreciate it.  Learn the rules.  Come out this week and LIVE IT, it\’ll be fun!

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