No Regrets

\"\"As I sit here and reflect on the last 39 years, I can\’t help but feel blessed by all the amazing friends, family, and clients that have come into my life.

  • I live in the greatest country in the world. Merica!
  • I have a great home with an INCREDIBLE wife and two healthy, wonderful kids.
  • We have a super cool community of neighbors who make us feel welcome.
  • I have a supportive network of friends and family surrounding me.
  • I have been able to turn my passion for fitness into a successful business where I get to work with only the AWESOMEST of people…🙂

Every single moment and event, both good and bad, over the last 14,235 days has brought me to this exact place in time. OF COURSE there have been some tough times…SUPER tough. But I am very happy about where I\’m at and I have absolutely no regrets about anything.

So to all of you who took the time to wish me a \”Happy Birthday\”…


(to those of you curious as to what I think about while reflecting over a celebratory glass of birthday whisky, read on…)

I\’ve been seeing this same question pop up over and over on social media lately:

\”Which would you prefer to do?
Start life over at 10 years-old knowing all that you know now?
Be 45 years-old with $60 million in the bank?\”

Have I accomplished everything I though I wanted to do?
Am I making as much money as I said I wanted to be making at this point in my life?
Am I disappointed in my last two statements?
Do I have any regrets about my life?
(Do I wish I would have chased fewer parked cars in my earlier days…? Maybe.)

Starting over at 10 years-old, first off, sounds HORRIBLE! I can\’t imagine going through half of what I\’ve gone through again. In fact, knowing what I know now, I don\’t know that I would survive it. Not knowing what was over that next hill is what kept me motivated and going. Enduring those seemingly unbearable times also helped forge me into the person that I am today and prepared me for the life that I currently have and love. No amount of knowledge or education on earth will completely prepare you for what life has to throw at you. That\’s like thinking you can get into phenomenal physical shape by just reading and learning about it.

If it doesn\’t challenge you, IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOU. The struggle is what makes you stronger. At some point you are going to have to struggle and suffer to evolve and progress. It\’s science!
Plus, who knows how many current friends and family would have never become a part of my life had I followed a different path. If Marty McFly in \”Back to the Future\” or Bill & Ted from their Excellent Adventure have taught me anything, it\’s that messing with time can have unexpected and often severe consequences.

So if I HAD to pick one, I suppose I would take the \”turn 45 and have $60 million in the bank\” option. But I still have 6 full years to make that a reality, soooo…😉

(enter over analyzing, futurist, movie theme loving, perfectionist Kyle)
But will $60 million even be that much money in 2023…? Will money even be \”worth\” anything during that time? If the banks aren\’t open on Sundays, I seriously doubt they will be open during a zombie apocalypse. I mean, skynet becomes \”self-aware\” in 2018 and we are supposed to be fighting for the entire human race against Arnold and other cybernetic terminators through 2029…

All in all, I wouldn\’t change a thing. I\’m right where I am for a reason and a purpose…
…and that suits me just fine:)

I have, however, thought long and hard about a goal for myself. And I am committing to that goal by sharing it with all you fine people in my life.


That will put me at the best shape of my life by my 40th Birthday. I will record and share my entire journey over the next 365 days by starting a \”FITT 365\” Facebook group. Please feel free to follow and/or join the group. This group will serve as my fitness journal for my own personal research. I will not \”add\” any of you to the group, but I would love for you to \”join\” if you would like to follow and offer your opinions, thoughts, encouragement…or if you simply want to watch me suffer a bit:). Either way, all are welcome. My hope is to gain knowledge through personally tested fitness programming and provide motivation for people to get and stay fit through their 40s and beyond.
I don\’t yet know everything I am going to be going through, but I do know that I am a very ambitious, educated, and experienced fitness professional who is very proficient at analyzing and problem solving.

Day #1: Here we go! #KeepOnKeepnOn #CommittobeFITT #FITT365#FITTFaction #FITTDontQuit #GLudus #MaximumEffort

You can join the facebook group at:

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